Second International
Workshop on
Reaction Systems

June 3-7, 2019
Toruń, Poland


Since their introduction about 10 years ago, reaction systems have matured into a fruitful and dynamically evolving research area which attracted a noticeable group of researchers. The original motivation was the understanding of interactions of biochemical reactions in the living cell and since then reaction systems have developed as an innovative approach to formal modelling of biological systems. They have also become a popular novel model of interactive computation.

Due to the growing interest in this research area, a need has arisen to organise a periodic workshop providing a forum for exchanging research ideas and, hopefully, initiating new or strengthening the existing collaborative research efforts. The first workshop took place in Milano, Italy, in June 2018. The second meeting will take place in Toruń, Poland, on 3-7 June 2019.

The meeting in Toruń will consist of a school and a workshop. The school will take place from Monday, June 3, until Wednesday, June 5. The school program will cover the biological and computational aspects of reaction systems. Both introductory tutorials and invited lectures will be accessible to researchers who are not (sufficiently) familiar with reaction systems. Then the workshop will take place from Wednesday, June 5, until Friday, June 7. The workshop program will cover the recent as well as the established scientific results.

The school and workshop are of interest to mathematicians and computer scientists (PhD students and researchers) interested in models of computation as well as bioinformaticians and biologists interested in the foundational/formal understanding of biological processes.

Call for Participation